The Codecs


Complete codecs packet for DivX, Ogg, XviD, etc.



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The Codecs is one of the most complete and functional audio and video codecs packets today, with which you can play practically any video format without any problems.

The Codecs is especially designed for the format DivX, which monopolizes more and more every day the leading role in the field of video compression.

This version of The Codecs includes: DivX, MPEG-4 Video, XviD, Ffdshow Filters, Intel I.263 Video Drive, and Huffyuv.

The audio codecs included in this packet are: AC3Filter, MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec, InterVideo Audio Decoder, Moonlight Odio Dekoda, Ogg Vorbis Filter, and MM Stream Switcher.

Thanks to The Codecs you won't have issues watching any movie you want.
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